Kittin' 4 Nickles

I found out quick that knitting can be expensive, BUT yarns that are cheap because they're ugly or thin and be incredibly cheap. The yarns that people think are ugly on the spool or in the skein are sometimes extraoridarily lovely knitted.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fourth Project

Probably my favorite plush hat...mate to my plush scarf. I started with a 5 over 1 chunky stitch so it would be thick, but near the end I started to run out of yarn and the color had been discontinued so I switched to a (2/2) half stitch. It didn't turn out so bad...thanx to Chele ( for "tweaking" my pic...0406

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Third Project

This is my third project and first hat. It's created from 4-ply chenille using a double stitch. I tried to make several pom-poms, but they were either too thick, thin or lop-sided so I just sewed the top where I drew it closed with a whip-stitch. March 06